Privacy Policy for DŽO:

At DŽO, we prioritize the confidentiality of your information. Any data collected concerning you is held with the utmost security, and we do not share, sell, or exchange your personal details with any third parties. This information is primarily used to identify your orders and personalize your shopping experience.

We employ cookies to facilitate your account login, maintain a shopping cart, and enable the purchase of items. These cookies are active only during your browsing session on our website, and we do not store persistent cookies on your computer. They enhance your shopping experience by displaying products of interest throughout our pages.

When accessing our website, the computer storing the web pages needs to know your computer's network address (IP address) to send the requested web pages to your Internet browser. While it is possible to determine the general geographic location from the IP address, it remains anonymous. We do not keep records of users' IP addresses unless explicitly provided for security reasons.

To fulfill your orders, we collect necessary information, including name and address for billing and delivery, day phone number, email address, and product preferences. Rest assured, we treat your privacy seriously and have implemented measures to protect the information you provide. Your details are never shared with any other organization.

Committed to compliance with Australian Privacy and Personal Information Protection Acts, we pledge not to share your information with any third party. Information sharing only occurs for security and verification, ensuring your safety as a consumer.

Your provided information may be utilized for upcoming promotional offers; please inform us if you prefer exclusion. State this preference when communicating with us.


All images, banners, and product photos are intellectual property belonging to DZO Studios, protected under the Copyright Act 1968. Reproduction, publication, or public communication of these works violates exclusive rights and may result in prosecution under sections 31(1)(a) and 31(1)(b). Commercialization of works is also subject to prosecution under section 35(2).